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  • complete production line for straw pellet mill machine

complete production line for straw pellet mill machine

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Product Description


       straw pellet mill machine is our main product which has adopted the essence of rice straw pellet mill machine in oversea markets. The core part “double layer die” has unique structural assembly and “rollers” are made of high wearable alloymaterials. These two parts have the following characters: particular design, reasonable structure, low energy, high efficiency and long life etc. Through technical experts’ hard work, our company has developed this typical patent product. This new machine has filled the country blank in vertical feeding for ring die rice straw pellet mill machine and reached the international advanced level.

       straw pellet mill machine  is mainly applicable for materials which is difficult to mold because of low adhesion rate such as:

1.rice husk, sunflower husk, peanut shell and fruit shell;

2. branch, stem, bark and other wood waste; a variety of crop stalks;

3.rubber, cement, ash and other chemical materials.


       straw pellet mill machine  can be used in feed mill, wood processing plants, fuel plants, fertilizer plants and chemical plants etc. Since it requires less investment but yield quickly with no risk, which means ZLG series efficient centrifugal rice straw pellet mill machine is an ideal dense compression molding equipment.




A. Five characteristics

1. Vertical feeding.

2. Die is static while roller is rotary; materials are evenly distributed because of the centrifugal force produced by rotary rollers.

3. Double-layer-die. Double layers can be used independently to cut down costs; and two layers of the die also can be used at the same time to improve efficiency and capacity with fewer energy.

4. Ring die and vertical structure are useful in cooling pelletizing room.

5.Independent and frequency conversion discharge device can improve rate of pelleting.

B. Three differences

1.Upward mould, special structure, vertically feeding which are help to heat: material drop into the pelletizing room vertically with no other auxiliary power device.

Horizontal type ring die rice straw pellet mill machine: the feed inlet and  pelletizing room are set in one side, which make light material feeding into the pelletizing room difficultly. So additional force pressing device is needed for feeding; the lifetime of gearing(gear, bearing) is shorten because the pelletizing room couldn’t dissipate heat.

Flat die rice straw pellet mill machine mainly has two structures, though they can be feed vertically but both of these two structures have many disadvantages which are difficult to get rid of:

(1) Die rotates to make pinch rollers running: material is easily arched which lead to uneven feeding.

(2) Rollers rotate while die is static. This could avoid the arching material, but centrifugal force is caused which will swing the material in the pelletizing room to the periphery; and material distributes unevenly which make the center of the flat die with upward pelletizing holes has no material to press.

2. Efficient centrifugal rice straw pellet mill machine: die is static, roller rotates, materials are centrifugal and distributed around evenly one the inner surface of die because of the high rebounding-effect die.

Ring-die rice straw pellet mill machine’s rollers are static and die is rotary so there is no centrifugal force, materials are distributed unevenly.

Flat-die rice straw pellet mill machine’s rollers can rotate to generate centrifugal force, but the directions between die holes and material force are contradictory.

3. Efficient centrifugal rice straw pellet mill machine:

(1)double-layer die

(2) multi-function

(3)high efficiency: die has upper and lower parts; customers can choose two different aperture within one die to produce different specifications of pellets. When pelletizing easy bonding materials, we can heighten the rollers and use two-layer dies to get four-fold capacity. No flat die or ring die rice straw pellet mill machine can do this.

Product parameters


 Technical data of  straw pellet mill machine






Diameter of






ZLG 560






ZLG 720






ZLG 860






ZLG 920






 ZLG 1050






Pictures of new  straw pellet mill machine




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 Our straw pellet mill machine  production plant


It has automatic lubricating system that the grease is injected and filtrated automatically, which can ensure the long time working without stop. It also has dust and cooling system that can reduce the dust during it working and improve the working environment.





Our products  have been exported to lots of Europe, South America, Southeast Asia countries, and set agents in Brasil ,Canada, Germany, America, South Africa, Australia, India,Vetnam, Malaysia and so on countries.



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